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Why You Need to Hire a Local Estate Planning Attorney

  When it comes to estate planning, have you considered hiring a local estate planning attorney? Hiring local can make a big difference for a number of reasons. Let us discuss some of those reasons in more detail here. First, a local attorney is m… Read More
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Moved Recently? Remember to Update Your Estate Plan!

  Have you made a move recently? While your check list may seem lengthy, take care to include one very important item. Update your estate plan. Relocating can have significant impacts on the effectiveness of your estate plan and merit updating acc… Read More
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Giving Thanks by Giving the Gift of Planning

As an estate planning attorney, I am lucky to be able to help guide clients as they thoughtfully plan for their loved one’s futures. Estate planning is an act of love, a gift that an individual passes on after they have gone. Read More
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Why We Are Voting No on Proposition 19

Many wish to leave their home to their children. Proposition 19 will make this more difficult, forcing many to sell the home because of significantly increased property taxes. Read More
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Millennial Estate Planning: Understanding Social Security

The social insurance program was established in 1935 by the US federal government with the purpose to provide retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits. Since that time, in part due to the disappearance of extended family networks, an increas… Read More
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The Key Factors to Understanding Estate Planning

It’s a common misconception that estate planning is only for the wealthy, but in the eyes of the law, an estate is simply the aggregate of property an individual owns, and most everyone owns something. Property ownership includes individual as well… Read More
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How to Protect Your Child’s Inheritance from Creditors in California

Keep your hard-earned assets, for the future inheritance of your children and grandchildren, from disappearing or being claimed by creditors with protective measures in your estate plan. A simple way to achieve inheritance protection is through a tru… Read More
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