Complete your estate plan without taking a single step outside your home. Or if you’re plan is years out of date, now is the time to bring it current. You can add it to your list of shelter in place accomplishments. In the long-term, it’s more satisfying – and more important – than cleaning out your closet.

Our goal is to make estate planning as convenient and accessible to clients as possible.

In the “old days” getting started on your estate plan involved setting up and going to multiple meetings with your estate planning attorney. Even before the pandemic, we were modernizing and streamlining that process. We have learned that video (Zoom or FaceTime) meetings are usually more thorough and efficient than in-person meetings. People are more comfortable and relaxed calling from home. And, we’re not tied to traditional office hours. We can meet virtually in the evening, early morning, and on weekends.

How to get started with your estate plan online.

The first step is to set up a call to get to know one another. I have an online calendar link on my website or here. We want you to feel like we’re a good fit for you and your family, and we want to thoroughly understand what is most important to you.

During the initial call or video chat, we ask you about your big picture goals related to how you want your family taken care of and what you want to see happen if you are incapacitated or after you are gone. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every individual or family. After you tell us the “what”, we can help fill in the “how.”

The next step is an email to you from us listing the basic information we need to know. Once we receive that information, we prepare a draft of your estate planning documents. We have another Zoom meeting to review the documents together. One or two reviews are usually plenty to get everything just how you want it.

Virtual estate planning personalized for you.

Just because we’re online doesn’t mean we’re “remote.” You will receive the same, or better, personalized attention as if you had multiple in-person office meetings.

Now more than ever we all need to plan for uncertainty. Clients tell us all the time what a sense of relief they fell when they complete their estate plan as if a burden has been lifted. Peace of mind for you, and security for your family – that is what we aim to accomplish together.