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Solutions for Blended Family Planning

Family dynamics change, sometimes couples bring children into a marriage from a prior marriage or union and then have children together. This is often referred to as a blended family. Blended families highlight the need for careful estate planning to… Read More
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Do You Know Who You Want Making Final Decisions for You?

When you are no longer able to, who should you trust to manage your financial well-being? A power of attorney (POA), otherwise known as an agent to your principal, has the legal authority to represent and make decisions on your behalf. What character… Read More
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How a Late Life Divorce Can Affect Your Finances

Gray divorces are happening more often for Americans aged 50 or more. The term gray divorce generally refers to the baby boomer generation and affects all classes and education levels. Research shows that splitting during middle age is particularly d… Read More
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Aging Well While Saving Money

Don’t plague your senior years with money woes. The stress that money problems bring not only ruins your aging experience but can also be disastrous to your health. Rising health care costs and your increased need for health care can add up to big… Read More
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What is a Springing Power of Attorney?

  Michael was having a wonderful time in Florida while he waited for his California house to close. Unfortunately he took a bad fall and ended up in a Florida hospital. He had his California powers of attorney, but the problem was that they were… Read More
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Millennials Are More Fiscally Conservative Than You Think

Millennials include fiscally conservative, savings oriented, and future planners seeking financial freedom as core attributes. A large part of millennials’ formative years was influenced by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis beginning in 2007, sh… Read More
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Planning for the Unexpected

The sudden rise of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has left many unprepared and confused. There are numerous reports of shortages of antibacterial hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and even toilet paper. While we can’t predict when something like COVI… Read More
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COVID-19 Making Americans Consider Creating Wills and Trusts

There has been an explosion in the numbers of Americans rushing to make their will or revocable living trust online. Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic has created the scramble to set up wills, trusts and end-of-life directives. However, online… Read More
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Finish Your Estate Plan Online

Complete your estate plan without taking a single step outside your home. Or if you’re plan is years out of date, now is the time to bring it current. You can add it to your list of shelter in place accomplishments. In the long-term, it’s more sa… Read More
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Priorities, Perspective, and Perseverance

My "new normal" is online estate planning by video or telephone. Like many of you, I have spent a lot of time in recent weeks re-evaluating my priorities, shifting my perspective, and creating a plan to persevere. Read More
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