When it comes to estate planning, have you considered hiring a local estate planning attorney? Hiring local can make a big difference for a number of reasons. Let us discuss some of those reasons in more detail here.

First, a local attorney is most likely to not only be licensed to practice law in your state, but also to be most familiar with those laws and how they can impact your estate planning. When it comes to putting a strong, comprehensive estate plan in place, a thorough understanding of the laws that will shape and impact those plans can be critical. Without proper observance of the relevant laws, estate plans can be ineffective or void.

It can also be helpful to have local insight into the probate system. A local estate planning attorney is likely to be familiar with the local probate court and have experience before local probate court judges. If it is possible your estate will end up in probate, or if you need assistance with a local probate matter, this experience can prove invaluable to successfully navigate the process.

Having a local attorney also means that your attorney will be nearby to answer any questions you may have. Sometimes, you may feel more comfortable meeting with your attorney in person at his or her office. If this is the case, having a local attorney can be a must.

If you need an estate plan or an update to an existing estate plan, the local experience can matter a great deal. Our office is proud to serve as your local estate planning counsel. Please feel to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Call us and schedule an appointment today!