Debra DeCarli made the complex process of creating a trust (for a new California resident) so easy! We started the process just a few weeks before the shutdown for the pandemic and the office stayed in touch, so as not to drop the ball. So glad I found this fantastic office! Highly recommend!
– Amanda Egan ★★★★★ - Google
Debra has been my business attorney as well as assisting us with revising our living trust documents. Even though I left California in the fall of 2018, I can continue to depend on Debra and her team whenever I have a question. With my business remaining in California, its wonderful to have someone who is experienced and responsive.
– Julia A Conway ★★★★★ - Google
Deb DeCarli created a family trust for us. She was thorough, professional and provided excellent service. I highly recommend her firm for anyone requiring estate planning services.
– Guy Pacurar ★★★★★ - Google
Debra is a warm, easy to talk to person who will help you through the process of planning your estate while making the whole process seem easy and painless.
– Gwen Jacobson ★★★★★ - Google
– Jovan Jelic ★★★★★ - Google
– Liz C ★★★★★ - Google
I retained Debra to assist with incorporation of my twenty year old catering and events business, as well as to update our trust documents and wills. Her attention to detail and responsiveness is exceptional, and she is a real pleasure to work with. She outlines each step in the process clearly so there are no surprises.
– Julia ★★★★★ - Avvo
We hired Debra to update our Trust document when we moved to California. She was very informative and provided answers and suggestions that were very helpful and easy to understand. She was efficient and timely. Debra was outstanding and we really enjoyed working with her!
– Carrice ★★★★★ - Avvo
Debra was one of our three attorney's for our 'little' local complaint that turned into a constitutional question for the United States Supreme Court! What a journey for us all! Debra was 'all in' when it began and 'all in' when it concluded. Never did she think that we had a big bankroll or the opportunity to win a big bankroll. Her association with us was all about principal. She was the best she could be, and the best we could have ever envisioned! She's a superb, dedicated individual, who also happens to have exceptional communication skills and intellect! I appreciate that Debra has given me this opportunity to share my thoughts/recommendation. I am not a family member or 'bot'. Ha!
– Gail ★★★★★ - Avvo

Debra assisted us in reaching an agreement in an acrimonious business relationship. The situation was such that we were sure we were going to end up in court. She managed to guide us through a process that resulted in a settlement agreeable for all parties at far less than the price of going to court.

– Steven ★★★★★ - Avvo

Very accommodating and friendly family business run by really caring and trustworthy people. I recommend highly.

– Teddy Winslow ★★★★★ - Facebook

When it's time to do your Estate Planning, it's Debra DeCarli that you need. She is super thorough; asks the right questions and gets you going in the right direction. She's got it all: Nuts and Bolts, Heart and Soul. You will be in GOOD HANDS!

– Camille Parsons ★★★★★ - Facebook

Greatest person in the world. A real human being inside and out.

– Albert Morales ★★★★★ - Facebook