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Mendocino, California estate planning attorney Debra DeCarli has been a lawyer since 1994. She received both her J.D. and Master of Public Affairs degrees from the University of Texas. Debra's unique background led to her professional commitment to estate planning for all types of families.

Debra worked her way through law school and her Master’s program as a single mother of three. She later became law partners with — and then married — her law school classmate, Bob DeCarli. Debra and Bob had a child shortly after Debra’s daughter had a baby and made Debra a grandmother. While adjusting to being a new mom and a new grandmother simultaneously, Debra applied her legal training to mastering the estate planning complexities unique to families with young children, non-traditional or blended families, and grandparents.

Debra’s practice focuses solely on wills, trusts, and estate planning, specifically customizing one of a kind plans that address each family’s unique needs and achieves peace of mind for you and security for your family.

Debra focuses on:

  • Planning for Parents of Young Children
  • Planning for Blended or Non-Traditional Families
  • Planning for Home Owners
  • Planning for Grandparents
  • Revising and Updating Existing Wills and Trusts


Debra DeCarli practiced law for ten years in Austin, Texas, before she and her husband moved to California, where Bob grew up. After moving to California, Debra initially practiced law in the San Francisco Bay Area, handling complex litigation all over the country. She and her husband loved the beauty and the strong sense of community on the Mendocino coast. They thought it would be a great place to raise a child and, in 2010, made the move to Mendocino where Debra would later open her estate planning practice.

Flexible Scheduling and Remote Meetings for Your Convenience

Debra is available to meet in person in her Mendocino office. In addition, her years of handling cases all over the country and working remotely equipped her to conduct remote meetings. Flexible scheduling is available, which is especially convenient for families visiting the Mendocino coast and combining some business with their Mendocino vacation.

Call Debra DeCarli at 707-937-2701, or contact DeCarli Law online, for a free initial consultation to create a customized estate plan for your family.

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