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VIDEO or TELEPHONE meetings available. Click to schedule

Online Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills

We have always offered access online for estate planning. Now with social distancing mandates and concern about COVID-19 or corona virus, we have the online estate planning processes to keep our clients and our staff as safe as possible.

We use technology to make your life easier

Get your estate planning done by telephone or videoconference. At DeCarli Law, we use technology to to make estate planning accessible to you. In addition to traditional office hours, we offer evening hours to accommodate our clients' schedules.

The Process

We start with a call or videoconference to get to know one another. During this first conversation, we'll talk about what your big picture goals and concerns are. You will have the opportunity to tell me what is important to you. By the end of the conversation, I should have a good sense of what will work best for you in terms of estate planning.

At that time, I can also tell you how much your estate plan will cost. I  charge a fixed fee, so you will know what to expect from the beginning. I do NOT charge by the hour. I want people to feel free to ask me the questions they have without worrying that I'm "on the clock." We will take the time we need to customize an estate plan that suits you and your family. 

I will then put a rough draft of a trust together for you. We will then meet by video to review the draft and refine the details.  Frequently one draft meeting is enough, but for more complex family situations we may need more than one virtual meeting. For example, blended families, unmarried couples, or individuals with several charitable beneficiaries often require more discussion.

When we have everything worked out, we figure out the most convenient way for you to sign your documents, we will organize the originals and electronic copies for you, and your estate plan will be in place.

VIDEO or TELEPHONE meetings available. Click to schedule

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