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Giving Thanks by Giving the Gift of Planning

As an estate planning attorney, I am lucky to be able to help guide clients as they thoughtfully plan for their loved one’s futures. Estate planning is an act of love, a gift that an individual passes on after they have gone. Read More
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How to Pass Family Values to Children as Part of an Inheritance

If Californian parents wait too long to instill family values to their children, successfully addressing and legally formalizing inheritance of family values and assets can be a challenge. Undoubtedly the best time to teach and empower your children… Read More
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How to Talk Inheritance in California with Your Kids

Talking about wealth with your kids can be an uncomfortable task for many parents. Talking about how much money or property you have is usually viewed as taboo.  Asking someone else about what they have is often considered impolite. But failing to t… Read More
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5 Reasons to Embrace the Emotional Side of Estate Planning

Estate planning creates stability in times of loss. If you end up in a state of incapacity later in life, it’s guaranteed to be a difficult time for your family. If your estate plan doesn’t include detailed instructions Read More
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A Powerful Exercise to Surface the Values You Want to Pass on to the Next Generation

Every one of us receives and passes on an inheritance. The inheritance may not be an accumulation of earthly possessions or acquired riches, but whether we realize it or not, our choices, words, actions, and values will impact someone and form the he… Read More
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